Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Re: CSE 574: HW 1 Qn IV

My apologies for the mess-up in the references in Qn IV. I corrected
them now online. Here it is fyi

For this problem, you will use the planning graph in the last level
III.b above.

IV.a. Convert the planning graph into a CSP encoding (the problem is
small enough that you can write the entire encoding down). Show a solution
for this CSP encoding, and show how it corresponds to a plan.

IV.b. Do IV.a. but with SAT encoding of the planing graph.

Do an "explanatory axiom" (or backward proof based) encoding
of this problem (for the same length as the planning graph you used
in the previous parts). Mark which constraints are similar, different,
stronger etc. compared to IV.b.


On 2/19/08, <> wrote:
> Okay, so here is my question again.
> In parts a and b of Question 4, we are asked to encode the planning graph from "II.b" in CSP and SAT; part c, meanwhile, asks us create a third encoding and compare its constraints to "III.b." Are these intended to reference the planning graph with mutex-propagation in Question III.b (which is derived for a domain having only 2 actions and 4 variables), or the "standard mutex graph... used by planning graph" in Question II.b (which is derived for a domain with 5 actions and 5 variables)?
> -Jonathan Gibbs
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