Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Feedback opportunity to tell me how the class is going


Now that 6 weeks are over, I thought it would be good to poll y'all
on what is working and what is not working.
Please feel free to send your comments.

You can send comments either via anonymous web mail
or by bringing a printed sheet to the class on Wednesday. Note that
the webmail records your ip address--so
you may want to send it from some ip address that is generic.

Here are some things I am interested in finding out. Other comments welcome too:

1. Are the lectures too fast/too slow/too high level/too low level etc?

2. Are you actually able to connect your readings to lectures?

3. Are you reading before or after the topics are discussed?

4. Should there be more assessment (homeworks/projects etc)?

5. How is the progress towards semester project coming (qualitatively speaking--
you will have an opportunity for detailed answers anyway)

6. Are the classes interacive enough or should they encourage more discussion?
If the latter, what can we do other than stopping for questions?

7. Overall, how does it compare to other graduate level courses you took/taking
(positively or negatively)


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