Sunday, April 13, 2008

(IMPORTANT) Schedule for the rest of the semester etc.

 Here is a heads up on the rest of the semester.
We will complete the treatment of FOMDPs on Tuesday (make sure you do the readings).
For the next topic--which will be discussed on Thursday and Tuesday 4/22,  I am trying to decide between POMDPs (partially observable MDPs) and plan recognition.
(If you have any preference let me know).
In the week of 4/22,  we will likely have 2 external speakers who will talk on applications of planning.
On 4/23 (Wednesday), Biplav Srivastava from IBM will speak on planning for web service composition
On 4/24 (Thursday)--during the class time--Minh Do will speak about applications of planning technology at Xerox PARC
(where they use it to plan paper paths through copiers!).
4/29 will be recap and summary. You will be doing an interactive review.
1. The class project report/paper will be due on the last day of classes (4/29).You should give yourself  at least 10 days to write the report.  Incoherent and badly organized reports will not be good for your grade.
2. The second homework also will be due on 4/29
3. The final exam for the class will be on the normal final exam day--which is May 6th (2:40--4:30pm)

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